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Award Winning Narration by Margo Trueblood, 2018 SOVAS Voice Arts Award for Best Voice Over in the Audio Book Narration, Non-Fiction Category for Self Help/Health and Wellness.

They'll Never Be the Same - Narrated by Margo Trueblood
Shara and the Haunted Village audiobook cover.jpg

"Margo is the consummate professional; she brings no ego to the table and endeavors to make your artistic vision a reality. Her vocal skills are impressive and she is uncommonly adroit with accents, giving each a vivid audio presence that makes him or her feel very real."

Shara & The Haunted Village - Narrated by Margo Trueblood
Southern Accents
Poppy Field

The Girl

in the Candy Striped Dress

A Short Story

Written by Robert Underwood

Narrated by Margo Trueblood

"Margo Trueblood gives a fully professional performance in all ways, and if her Southern accent isn’t natural to her, then her management of accents is superb."

The Girl in the Candy Striped Dress - Narrated by Margo Trueblood
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For a complete list of audio books narrated by Margo Trueblood, click on the Audible link below.

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